Born To Serve

by | Mar 26, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Plans laid down in 42
I was born in 43
This Island Nation here to protect
My Nation, the world to me

With crew abound,
The Captain too, I eased away from shore
It was a time of conflict
Or to you and me its war.

The days they passed
The guns rang out, a battle then ensued
We turned to port, then starboard too
A thud then changed the mood

“We’re hit we’re hit”,
The Cry rang out, “Abandon Ship”, was called
The bodies, dead the living too
There was no one left aboard.

My back then broke
I slid beneath, the shadowy, frothing sea.
My friends the crew, the Captain too,
I hope they remember me.

My work now done
The setting sun, I got what I didn’t deserve
A ship or man this country needs
We were all;
Born to Serve


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