Box Of Treasures

by | Jan 23, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do you have a box full of treasures
Where do you keep it – she said
I have no need to store my treasures
They are here – all inside my head

But they will fade when you grow old
Will you ever recall them – she said
Some will go with the passage of time
The good ones will stay – in my head

Treasures in a box will always help
They’ll jolt your memory – she said
What happens if they bring back bad thoughts
No – I’ll keep mine safe – in my head

I love my treasures in my little box
They will comfort me- she said
As you wish if that’s your way
Mine I will keep here – in my head

If age should diminish my will to recall
And memories escape from my head
A box of treasures would never bring back
The things that were once – in my head


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