Breaking Point

by | Sep 1, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

She goes about her daily life
Acting ‘normal’ for a while
Those round her oblivious of the façade
That hides the pain behind her smile

No one will ever realise
The hurt she feels inside
Or how many endless tears
She silently has cried

The tears are for her soldier
Whom she loves so very much
But there’s a distance that is growing
She feels she’s losing touch

This distance makes her feel
That as a mother she has failed
Her guilt becomes her pain
As his silence now prevails

As his mother she will be there
He only needs to say
But instead he just stays silent
Turns his mother’s love away

She can see her soldier’s hurting
But in her, he won’t confide
Maybe he doesn’t trust her
Or is it just his manly pride

She’s almost close to breaking point
For she’s feels she’s lost her son
But somewhere inside that soldier
Is a man who need’s his mum


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