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A screwed up face that makes me smile,
had me worried for a while.
Lying there and blowing bubbles
with no knowledge of your troubles

You should have been a normal birth
No complications, for what its worth!
But, my precious little girly,
you decided to come early!

With dad at work and not a car
hospital was a place too far
So I came from ambulance station
to help mum with her situation

I arrived to calm mum down
just as you began to crown
while expecting to see your head
But no! It was your bum instead!

Sweating now to give you life
I repeated call for the midwife
MacRoberts first, then hands and knees
I flexed your legs, your birth to ease.

Supporting you to catch your drop
a final push and out you plop.
A screwed up face and little “Meu”
I gave O2 for you were blue.

Pinking now and wrapped in towel
you showed your feelings with a howl,
Placenta out and midwife here
she checked you out and gave all clear

Wrapped in blankets and a shawl
we take you to the hospital
I breathe a sigh, give thanks they teach
how to deliver when its breech!


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