Bringing up Children

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was always taught in life
To be respectful to my wife.
My father never beat my mum,
She’d have walloped him till kingdom come.
Formidable, this mum of mine;
I remember once, when I had lines,
She sat and wrote them out for me
While I sat down and watched T.V.
She knew exactly how I felt;
She did it to increase my guilt,
Then clouted me around the head
And told me to get up to bed.
No one parents like that now,
I don’t think people would know how
And kids are never given lines,
They’re given A.S.B.O.’s for their crimes.
They can’t be smacked, must not compete
And adults seem to kiss their feet.
Kids carry knives and stab their mates;
They have no hope, but lots of hate.
They run in packs, they deal and rob;
They doubt if they will get a job
And those at University
Are never going to be debt free.
The drugs, the sex, the running wild,
When is there time to be a child?
And so I ask you all in truth
What is the future for our youth?


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