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He rises every morning
Showers ,shaves and shines his shoes
Them things they call ablutions
’cause that’s what soldiers do

His clothes are smart and pressed
His hair is cropped and grey
He cares about appearance
’cause that’s the soldiers way

Never late for his appointments
Five minutes early on parade
The military once taught him
That’s a first impression made

Some people think it’s funny
He finds Remembrance day grim
“You ain’t in the Army now” they say
He knows the Army’s inside of him

Upright as old bones allow
He marches down the street
Does a visual inspection
Of everyone he meets

Though only five foot seven
He acted six foot nine
And I would like to think
He was a friend of mine

And when he’s finally passed
Will they think that he’s a joke
Or realise, without men like him
“The whole ruddy systems broke”


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