Buckets And Spades

by | Jul 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Buckets and spades hang on the wall
In the garage, they look so forlorn
But soon they’ll be washed almost like new
As school summer holidays dawn

Tents will go up in the garden again
As owners test proofing and guys
Inflatable mattresses all checked for leaks
Sleeping bags all checked for size

Children’s excitement then starts to climb
They help with the packing of bags
It’s clear they can’t take all of their things
Enthusiasm soon enough sags

Then they are off in a hot laden car
Two holiday weeks by the coast
Looking for lorries of Eddie Stobart
And arguing who saw the most

The tent is set up in time for lunch
Then over the sand dunes they run
Stopping to pick up shells from the sand
School time was never such fun

Mum and dad follow slowed by the weight
Of cool bags,thermos and chairs
Inevitable windbreak and bright parasol
So the children can see which is theirs

Although it is sunny the sea is quite cool
But the kids splash around happily
Nothing can match a beach holiday
And sand in your butties for tea

Those buckets and spades are brought to life
New castles arise from the sand
Buckets of water fill up the moats
And flags make them all look so grand

For two weeks a year they both matter
Can’t do without them at all
Then they’re abandoned and destined
To hang on their nails on the wall


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