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This was a tale told to me years ago
When I was but a mere lad
From the lips of man serving in Burma
About the experiences or war that he had
He spoke of the fight against Japanese
In a jungle hostile to many
Who had never before visited these foreign lands
Altho’ there were a few , if any
In an environment so alien to our Military men
Even tho’ well they were trained
To fight with solid resolution
Jungle warfare was not well explained
But once they were placed in this theatre of war
A will developed to survive
Against a determined Oriental foe
Who fiendish methods would contrive
They would tie themselves in the treetops
As snipers that our troops would dread
For even if their return fire hit the target
Their bodies in the tree remained, dead
Or they would lay concealed in the jungle foliage
And slash the legs of our lads as they passed
With no chance of any retribution
As they cunningly disappeared so fast
But to combat their wily opponents
Some squads went on a night time patrol
To capture and bring back some prisoners
This was to be their prime role
In order to gain information
After interrogations were carried out
For this local knowledge might enhance the Allies position
Of this there was little doubt
When one of the patrols returned at night
With prisoners left to guard ‘til morn
But in the morning there was no sign of the prisoners
Tho’ “trophies” on the guards belts were worn
For they came from a notable Regiment
And for the honour of their country they fought
Alongside the rest of the British Army
Where their jungle skills were keenly sought
But if you had asked a Japanese soldier deep in Burma
Was it his Emperor he was trying to please
Many would reply that they thought they were still in China
Fighting a religious war against the Chinese.


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