Bygone days

by | Feb 15, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Memories are something we closely guard
As images within the mind
A constant record of times that have passed
For life has left them behind
But ever there for instant recollection
Whenever there is need
To illustrate how your life was, in an instant
Or personal knowledge may have been decreed
And for me I often sit and turn back the clock
To a time I remember when I was only three
For my Parents were only ordinary working folk
And never luxuries did they ever see
The lights in our cottage were powered by Gas
Mum cooked on a Kitchener Stove too
And a sink in the Scullery with cold water only
And there was still all the clothes washing to do
Next to the back door was the Wash-house
With a large Washtub encased in brick
And beneath it was a space for tinder and coal
In order to heat the required water fairly quick
Laundry was scrubbed on a rubbing board
To get out the ingrained dirt or grime
Then it was all placed in the Wash-tub
And through the old Cast Iron Mangle when it was time
Fridays was bath night just once a week
In a galvanised bath in front of the fire
Water was heated in the Wash-tub in the Wash-house
And then in buckets to the bath to forfill your weekly desire
My Sister was the only Girl you see
So she had the pleasure of the first bath every week
Then it was the turn of me and four brothers
Who had the water that was left so to speak
My Dad only earned 35 shillings a week
And out of that 4shillings and ninepence was rent
Yet somehow they managed to rear a Family of six children
With the rest of his wages carefully spent
The food that we ate was plain and inexpensive
And we were always well fed and warm
With love always there, in abundance, from our Parents
To make sure that we came to no harm
New clothes didn’t come very often, but we knew
That a visit to the Co-op would be made
To acquire the necessary clothing or shoes
Then 2 shilling weekly instalments would be paid
So how would you compare those times to nowadays
Where affluence rules it would seem
But so many people in the world today
Expect to live life with luxuries extreme
But do all these things add up to the happiness
That I experienced when I was a mere child
This is something on which you must ponder
Or let your imagination run wild.


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