Calling Me Home

by | Nov 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

How they constantly called to me
The vision in my mind, from across the sea
The rolling hillsides of my home
Called me back, no more to roam
So many different shades of green
Of luscious grass and trees serene
The early flowers of mild summer days
Dawn mists burning off in the suns warm rays
Lazy rivers flowing, meandering along
The musical call of the birds in song
Sheep quietly grazing in the fields
Crops to be gathered in later yields
Quaint old villages that time forgot
Pubs we visited (and we visited a lot)
Walks hand in hand with special friends we liked
Miles over safe country side we hiked
Narrow roads and a much slower pace
The farm in the dip, how I loved that place
England, the name forever called to me
Calling me back home from across the sea


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