Can it be real ?

by | May 13, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Here it is the middle of the night
I’ve awaken in such a fright

I fill as though someone was shaking me
But there’s no one here, so that cannot be

Then I hear a voice that was once dear to me
But him it cannot be

But then as my eyes adjust to the dim light
It’s him in plain sight

I’m sorry to awaken you my friend
But your time will soon come to an end

It may be a day or even a week
I wanted to let you know, you will then find the peace your mind does seek

I wanted to let you know, it will be painless, there is no need to fear
And that all your friends will then be near

We know you have missed us
And you have been missed by us

Here you will not be judged for the things you have done
And once again you’ll be able to have some fun

So as your last days go by, do not dread
As it’s not that bad to be dead

We’ll all be waiting for you, now I must go
This I just wanted you to know

Then I set up in the bed fully awake
Could this have all be a dream, did my mind make another mistake


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