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Captured by ‘ The Taliban ‘
Locked up in this cell
Kicked and tortured daily
This has become my Hell

They think they have me beaten
I cry and plead ‘ Okay ‘
But all the time I’m thinking
Of ways to make them pay

My fingernails are torn
My bruises red and sore
They’ve knocked the stuffing out of me
My Spirit lives no more

Why don’t they come and rescue me ?
They must know that I’m here
Or have they give me up for dead ?
It’s that alone I fear

Escape is now beyond me
To weak to even walk
They’ve stitched my lips together
I cannot even talk

I’ll die alone inside this cell
With no-one here to tell
No headstone for the Mourners
Of where this Soldier fell

My captors have grown tired of me
Today they’ll take my life
‘ Missing, killed in action ‘
That’s what they’ll tell my wife

She won’t know any different
They will not tell her more
Not how I died in ‘ Rags and filth ‘
My vomit on the floor

My only weapon now I use
My captors to confuse
I stretch a huge grin on my face
I’ve nothing left to lose

My killer looks bewildered
His blade held to my throat
And when he draws it back and forth
My eyes at him they gloat

So I have had this Victory
He’ll dream of me each night
He’s killed a ‘ Smiling ‘ Soldier
Who’d lost the will to fight

My smile will stay inside his head
As long as he shall live
Until he goes to meet his God
This scene he will relive


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