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Can you capture a place in words?
The tug of an emotional pull
And a promise to return
To where you felt complete

Towering cliffs joining sea to sky
Aflame with scented gorse and,
Carpeted with sweet springy turf with,
Nodding wildflowers and dancing butterflies
A myriad of colours in fine grandeur
A place to capture an artist’s eye

Flit flitting and trilling of the pipits
Warblers accompanying the birdsong melody
Gulls soaring, kittiwakes calling kitti-week,
Kitti-week, sailing the sky over the sea
Its rolling surf a soothing lullaby
Can a symphony capture a place?

A rocky climb, take heed, take care
The scree loose shifts beneath ones feet
Just one more stride, and there…..
Stretches a view so breathtaking, in awe,
You reach for the camera, to try,
And capture the place in a picture

Down into a valley of secrets held,
In quiet solitude, a well worn path
Leading to a treasure chest of golden sands
Warmed by the sun and fringed by the sea
Pulling you to stay, hypnotic in its beauty
It is the place that has captured you

I’ve tried to share with you, in words,
That cannot compare, to the splendour,
That cannot be captured, on the walk
From Port Eynon to Rhossilli


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