Caribbean Ladies

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

With biscuits and their coffee cups
They sat without a fuss
Chatting, laughing in the lounge
Waiting for their bus

One lady had a walking frame
The second with a cane
Their friends sat guarding travel bags
Until the driver came

”The Torquay bus is ready now
It’s waiting just outside.”
The ladies gathered up their things
And headed for their ride

The walking frame was safely stowed
They settled in their seat
The driver then gave us the news
He had some more to meet

The banter from these ladies was
So happy full of fun
Their Caribbean lilt and smiles
Made up for lack of sun

All journey long they kept it up
Their humour made me smile
It took away the tedium
Of every dreary mile

Our Torquay trip was dark and grey
Awash with heavy rain
But still these ladies made us feel
The sun was out again

The journey home was cold and wet
With one stop for a break
But if I go by bus again
I know who I would take.


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