Carnage is all around

by | Nov 10, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Carnage is all around
Death has walked upon this battle ground
Taking away their final breath
Don’t look into the face of death

The wounded wail
For death he will not fail
He will pick up your soul
And take you down below

The fiery entrance spews out heat
As death drags you by the feet
You claw at the ground
Trying to scream but making no sound

Death turns and looks into your eyes
He cares not for your cries
He is a collector of souls
And hell waits for you below

Death tosses you in
You hear the damned scream from within
Dead souls start to herd you in

You pray for the Lord
As you cling to the side
Your fear you cannot hide
But you are a soldier and have such pride

You hear the trumpets blast
The angels are coming at last
A blinding light and you feel no more fright
At last you can walk into the light


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