Casualties of War

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

So many strong and brave young people
Who fight for our freedom to live
With each generation they stand tall
Some, their lives they had to give

Because of war a young girl cries
Her love will never return again
She won’t be his bride next year
Her heart aches, beats with pain

Somewhere a mother sobs in vain
Her son’s body lies broken and torn
No more will he run up the path
And she is left alone to mourn

The bombs have claimed another man
His pregnant wife distraught
Their child will never see his daddy
For his country he bravely fought

An old man bows his head in pain
His granddaughter gave her life
She was so proud to salute the flag
Now she will never become a wife

A father grieves at the graveside
His son lying in the ground
He holds the flag his son died for
But will answers ever be found?

A little boy starts school today
It’s the most important day he’s had
He has his smart new uniform
But he can never show his Dad

A beautiful bride enters the church
Her Mum walks proudly at her side
There is a man they are both missing
While serving in Iraq, he died

Around our country there are many
That war has left behind
They have lost limbs, sight, or sanity
As they re-live it in their minds

Often forgotten casualties of war
Are the ones who are left to grieve
They live with sadness every day
Until they too no longer breathe

Please Dear Lord take care of them
All those as they cry out to you
Each one gave in their special way
Serving God, Queen and country too


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