Cats 2.

by | Nov 3, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Pets are part of a Family
As important to some as their child
Animals feature in everyone’s life
Household variety or running wild
In the wild they’re born and live their lives
When life is spent they die
Forfilling their chosen role in life
Without anyne to say goodbye
But the household variety is diferent
As part of the owners life they form
Something to nurture , stroke and feed
Creating affection as part of the norm
But they too like humans suffer ailments
Giving their owners cause for concern
It seems that they know only too well
That their health more cuddles will earn
But fortunately domestic pets
Have longevity of life
And grow to old age with ease
Especially our little feline friends
Whose welcoming purrs will please
Their ever doting owners
For the pets are the centre of their life
But when they see their days are numbered
There are many tears and strife
But worry not for the pet that has left
Hold the memories but don’t sit and cry
For in fact your pet has just left you
To join that great Cattery in the Sky


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