CatStone Hill

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I used to walk on Catstone Hill,
So many years ago.
I’d see the town of Nottingham,
Set out so far below.

I kissed a girl on Catstone Hill,
Twice many years ago.
I walked her home by Broad Oak Farm,
My love-struck heart aglow.

We often went to Catstone Hill
How many years ago?
We’d watch the sun track down the sky,
Until its final show.

One summer’s eve on Catstone Hill,
Too many years ago,
I asked that girl to marry me,
In nervous whisper low.

She gave her heart on Catstone Hill,
All those years ago,
She said that she would be my bride
And that she loved me so.

We both went back to Catstone Hill,
Less than a year ago.
We paused to share a tender kiss,
For love lives yet you know.


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