Charity… Where does it begin?

by | Mar 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Some say that charity begins at home
In some ways, I do agree
Personally, I think it starts deeper than that
I think charity begins with you… and me

Charity is to look inside oneself
Deep inside your heart
To what compels you to put someone else first
Is where true charity starts

A simple smile to a passing stranger
May prove a blessing in disguise
For unbeknownst, their life may have been grim
Then your smile brought back hope in their eyes

Kind words spoken, a shoulder to cry on
Or, just being there for a friend
Simple to give, yet so meaningful
And will be returned tenfold in the end

Charity can come in many ways
And yet still, can reach so many
As long as it’s given from the heart and with love
Charity needn’t cost a penny


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