“Chemo Sabe”

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

When all seemed lost, didst ride out into fray
Couldst still yet prove to be most faithful friend
In taking steps to cleanse my form this way
Said ‘silver bullet’ finds own path to wend
Tho’ low is now the point at which I lie
“Hi-Ho” ‘tis shout within, proceeds without
Such lilting sound couldst raise one’s spirits high
So long hath sickness sowed the seeds of doubt
No longer do I face this fight aLONE
As stRANGERs call to help me take on task
Of ridding that which leaves my body prone
I’d gladly pay the price, what e’er thou ask
If ‘Word’ as writ hath meaning to impart
I Pray thee pass iT ON TO heal my heart


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