« Chevalier de la jarretière » (Knights of the Garter)

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

“For shame on thee who harbour’s evil thought”
Hence – « Honi soit qui mal y pense » – on crest
Reproaching self and others of a sort
Who bear false witness (or by slight attest)
Tis honour which said ‘Order’ hath upheld
Since days of yore when ‘Chivalry’ served truth
‘Crusading Knights’ thru their example quell’d
All notion of behaviour deemed uncouth
Twas founded by the Pater of ‘Black Prince’
King Edward; who by deeds didst overwhelm
Built stalls in ‘Slayer’s’ Chapel to convince
Of standing held by each throughout the realm
Above appointed place, hung ‘Banners’ proud
A time when “Men were Men” (no girls allowed)


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