Childhood Memories

by | Apr 17, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

When I was a lad
Short trousers were in
And dustman came reg’lar
To empty your bin
The lane at the back
Saw one lonely car
So we played on our skates
No need to go far
We used that back lane
For all of our games
Hopscotch and rounders
I remember the names
Of lassies and lads
Who played hide and seek
(And swopping our comics
At the end of the week)
Our greatest adventure
Was a trip to the park
With warnings from mum
To be home before dark
With sammo’s and tizer
And an apple to munch
We set off to get to
The park before lunch
We then had our picnic
Under the tree
Where we imagined
Robin Hood used to be
We shed shoes and socks
To play in the stream
Looking for frogs
To make the girls scream
Then about five
We wandered back home
Nobody worried
That we were alone
An innocent time
Now sadly passed
Oh for some magic
To make that time last


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