Childhood years

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As I sit on Sunday evening
With little on my mind
I tried to recollect
Some of the Memories left behind
To take that long walk back in time
When I was only three
And bought a bag of chocolate buttons
For just one half-penny
There were no thoughts of War then
And luxuries we never had
But Happiness was paramount
When I were but a lad
So on along Life’s road I walk
To 1939
And War’s declared in Europe
The bright lights no longer shine
‘Tho young at heart I saw the difference
And noticed the growth of fear
As hostilities were extended
In little more than a year
Food was now on Ration
As an Island supplies were short
For a lot of the food we needed to live
We only acquired by Import
From other parts of the Commonwealth
South Africa and the U S A
Even Argentina had an important part to play
Of course the mode of travel then
Was across the Atlantic Ocean
But because of German U-boats & Navy
Armed convoys were set in motion
To guard their precious cargo
Too many Merchant ships were lost
Along with Naval vessels & crews
What an enormous price in lives lost
Undaunted they carried on their task
As did the RAF lads in the skies above
Relentless to repel the Luftwaffe
To save the Cities we all love

Civil Defence & Fire Service as well
Civilians too were joining the fight
Even the Air Raid Wardens
Saying “ Oi! you put out that Light”
But back to the children who now knew the strain
And witnessed Air Warfare
As the bombs continually rain
Down on their home Towns and Cities as well
Is this what it’s like if you are living in Hell
Where once were rows of houses
Now huge craters in the ground
Death and destruction
Is all that can be found
But they carried on their young lives
As well as they could
For this sort of existence
Is all they understood
They went to school with Gas Masks
And in Air Raid Shelters they slept
Whilst Mum & Dad were sleepless
As their nightly vigil they kept
Then the youngsters were resilient
Not too worried at their plight
As they played in the Park in the daylight
And did their homework at night
There were smiles on their faces
And laughter and tears
As they carried on with their young lives
During those disastrous five years
So once again in Post War years
When hostilities cease
Did the children of Great Britain
Know the meaning of Peace
Now they can move forwards
On Life’s road once more
In a peaceful environment
And free to explore
The pleasures that surround them
Never aware of the cost
That regaining their freedom meant
Many thousands of lives that were lost.


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