Chilling Out

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh take me to a calmer place, where I can be at peace with myself,
Where flowers bloom and birds sing out, and always in good health,
A place where can I relax, chill out, float off and do my own thing,
Let me while away the hours, no-one to interrupt me, I am the king,

Dreamy pleasant hazy days, where sun shines all year round,
Away from life’s rat race, where peace and serenity abound,
Sit in the shade of a willow tree, surroundings warm and sublime,
Silence, beauty and tranquility, with no such thing as time,

I look inside this tired mind of mine, I search for truth within,
There’s got to be a better place, harmonious and without sin,
I yearn to find this Shangri La, where it is, is anyone’s guess,
If only at will I could just sit back, and disrobe myself from stress.


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