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When all else fails
Know this
We have a choice
Even in the depths of desolation
Of despair or loss
This light is still waiting
Trying to get our attention

We can fall or fly
Live or die
But always we choose

Fear not
For the choice is not permanent
God, Creator, The Eternal does not judge
Love they are
And love is their aspect
Nothing is so bad
That we are not forgiven

We are our own judge and executioner
While love stands weeping
Calling out name
Know that they are there
Willing to understand
Willing to ease the pain

No one wanders forever
No one is so lost
No one is forgotten
No on is left behind

We return because we cannot see the light
Ands suffer because we would rather live in darkness
When there is a n eternal torch
A guiding hand
Always ready to take yours
And lead you back onto the path


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