Christian Soldier’s Vow

by | Apr 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Farewell! And so I bid goodbye my love,
For behold! Tomorrow may never be
There to fly the heavens, free as a dove,
Knowing then that matters naught, except thee!

In this world, now bereft of nation’s pride
With thoughts of only death and bitter pain
I hold such deep emotions here inside
No man on Earth should try them to regain.

Now gone, are all my worldly goods and wealth
Except for blood stained weapons by my side
Life to protect with guile and cunning stealth
Or die! Just as the ones I loved have died.

Christ was this nation’s only guiding light
Through war and pestilence, so brightly shone
Yet freedom’s land was soon in mad man’s sight
Hope for peaceful existence now long gone.

Terrorists bowing down their heads to pray
Quoting words from religious ancient laws
Yet breaking dead those laws from day to day
Leading innocent folk, into death’s dark jaws.

Vengeance is solely mine so said the Lord
As good Christian, I’ll not disagree
Yet with some help from my avenging sword
I shall help him clean this filthy sea.

No warning will they get of death’s dark fork
Nor will they die like good and sturdy braves
But vanished in life’s time of endless talk
Buried not, in their chosen bitter graves.

A Christian soldier’s most solemn vow
Hell’s inferno is ready, even now!


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