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Our first Christmas my darling
It’s so exciting!
I wait with breath held
Soft and tremulous, for you
To arrive home from work
To taste our first Christmas kiss
Before sitting beside
Our first Christmas tree
To share your delight
As we open our gifts
And be children again
Did we ever grow up?
Working side by side
In harmony and joy
For the rest of the morning
Cooking together
Our first Christmas meal
Before our two guests arrive
And I have to share you
But I know you are mine
The best Christmas gift
I have ever had.
Then all too soon
You will have to leave
To return to work
Escaping the washing up!
But taking my love with you
And as I snuggle down
On Christmas day night
I’ll smile at the magic
Of our first Christmas
And lock it away
In my memories of you


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