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Here’s to the soldier
On Christmas Eve
Alone, by himself –
Not granted leave.

There’s no letting up
for Yule-tide you know
The battles go on
Against the foe.

There’s a war to be won
And someone must fight
All through the day
And into the night.

In England the family
Have turkey and trifle
While the soldier aims
Then fires his rifle.

The shooting continues
And many are hit.
Wounded and dying
They continue with grit.

The children at home
Have presents to open
While on the battlefield
Old wounds reopen.

Without a break
The battles went on
The cannons kept firing
Until we won.

The News goes home
Of those who died
But kept on fighting
With burning pride.

The baby who never
Knew his dad
Has grown into
A little lad.

The mother alone
Who must carry on,
Without a husband
Has not won.

Someone, Somewhere,
Will always want more
There will always be
One more war.


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