Christmas in Syria

by | Jan 31, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

On the 2nd of December
Our Government Decided
To commit us to another bloody war
No one doubts that it is right
We have to act, we have to fight
To stop IS bringing terror to our shores
So we joined a coalition
Backed by United Nations
And we planned our bombing missions
At our Royal Air Force Stations
And we sent our planes, all loaded heavy
Into the night skies
To exact a lawful, vengeful levy
On a regime we despise
And the difficult and complicated
Task we know so well
Rests with our trained and motivated
Service Personnel
So while you are in your living room
Singing Christmas songs
The crews that fly in our Typhoons
And Tornado GR1’s
Are compelled to spend their Christmastime
In a far off battlezone
And I hope and pray
That Christmas day
Sees them all safely home.


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