Christmas in the trenches

by | Apr 8, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Christmas Eve had came and gone, it wasn’t long when we heard enemy’s song
After some songs a voice we heard, “Merry Christmas Tommy” a German soldier said
In the trenches, Christmas had arrived, with this gentle knowledge, our moral thrived
In the cold and dark we sang some hymns, our faces were lit up with smiles and grins
The hours passed the night became silent and cold, then came first light, we saw a German soldier so bold
Our sentry called, we looked into no man’s land, the soldier approached with open hands
Is this a trap or a tactic to scare, should we go and meet him? Should we dare?
A moment passed as we paused in thought, then in our heads, the war was a distant thought
We walked with caution as more soldiers appeared, we walked into no man’s land I could feel my tears
A German soldier stood in front of me, “Merry Christmas Tommy” he said to me
He out stretched his hand and I outstretched mine, With Christmas cheer, it was peace on the front line
Enemy soldiers we where now friends, small gifts and well being each side did send
In this piece we had a football match, I spoke to a soldier who wasn’t married but attached
No matter what side, trench life was hell, stories of home each side did tell
This Christmas piece lasted days of three, my enemy soldiers I met will always be friend in me


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