Christmas Time

by | Dec 21, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I really look forward to Christmas
With mistletoe trimmings and holly
The looks of delight on the children
And everyone feeling so jolly

So many presents to look at
Wrapped up with paper so bright
No wonder we find ourselves restless
Unable to sleep Christmas night

That wonderful time in the morning
The children all checking their toys
The girls have Barbies or ponies
An X-box perhaps for the boys

Before mum can open her presents
She prepares the turkey for lunch
While dad plays around with the children
And mum whispers “thank you a bunch”

When all of the presents are opened
The telephone then starts to ring
It’s grandma and grandad from London
“Oh dear did they buy anything?”

While daddy checks all of the labels
The children keep talking away
And finally daddy has found them
As they run out of something to say

“Thank you for buying me Lego”
“And the beautiful dolly for me”
Then handing the phone back to daddy
They run off and sit by the tree

After the tinsel and turkey
They settle down on the settee
Poor dad has to clear up the debris
Mum and the kids watch t.v.

This scene is repeated world over
It’s one that we all would desire
A family happy together
Loving and warm by the fire

I always look forward to Christmas
With it’s love for a boy and a girl
But let’s not forget those poor people
Who long for but never find joy

Whilst we eat up our turkey and pudding
They are starving and dying of thirst
And it pains me to say I’m like you
Not thinking of others needs first

So enjoy your cold turkey sandwich
washed down with a glass of red wine
But remember the lost and the lonely
Who won’t have a good Christmas time


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