Cold Friday Nights

by | Feb 22, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

As the wind howled
And snowflakes flurried
The people scowled
As home they hurried

In a short time
The world became white
Covering grime
As day turned to night

Frost settled down
All crispy and new
Folk in the town
Knew what they must do

Log fires were laid
And then set alight
No plans were made
To go out tonight

Warmed by the glow
Of cinders and ash
Nowhere to go
And nowhere to dash

Drinking a tot
With friends by your side
Talking a lot
No longer tongue-tied

Slowly but sure
Drink reaches your head
Can’t take one more
So off safe to bed

Saturday dawns
With breakfast in bed
Followed by yawns
And drums in your head

Your mind is fraught
With next weeks struggle
Dismiss the thought
With one final snuggle


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