Come Home

by | May 31, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

When remembrance bleeds across the calendar, families mourning a loss
If the nation can never stop grieving, has anyone tried to total the cost?
How many of our brightest and youngest, lost for a cause that never ends
Does the government work out its value, from the letters the prime minister sends

This is a cost we are bearing as one; families grieve while we count them all
Somebody has to decide when we stop, how many more we send to fall?
I don’t want to read of another, a future eliminated before it’s begun
I have had enough of funerals, no matter how often the hymns are sung

Bring back the cream of our nation, the families have suffered enough
We can let others bear their cost; Britain can’t be the only one who has it tough
Our duty done for international peace, fulfilled with the blood of the best
Now we will call our forces home, let others who watched do the rest


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