Commando Lochaber

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Commando Lochaber

Now here’s a subject that takes me back
To times when I were a mere child
Enduring life in W W 2
So this photo left me beguiled
I remember the enemy Bombers
As they flew nightly overhead
And we were led to a shelter
Instead of staying in our bed
During the day we saw Army convoys
Always passing to and fro
But the seriousness of the situation
We really didn’t know
Achnacarry Commando Training Centre
Was where they were trained
Where super fitness was paramount
And this was definitely ingrained
After a 14 hour journey
The last 6 miles in full kit was marched at speed
And those that didn’t complet5e in 60 minutes
Were returned to their unit it was decreed
But these squads of hand picked So9ldiers
Were sent to Scotland to be trained
As a hard hitting Military Force
And the surprise of their missions they gained
Important information
Or a silent overnight attack
Carrying out their missions
And hopefully getting back
For this type of Warfare
Carries an expensive cost
But still they carried on their tasks
Though many young lives were lost
In 1949 this Memorial was planned
After competition for this commission
And the Sculptor was Scott Sutherland
On the 27th September 1952
The un-veiling took place at this site
By the Queen Mother without more ado
There is now a Garden of Remembrance
A 2 mile Memorial Path was laid
Connecting this site with High Bridge from not afar away
And the Commando Association was awarded
With the Freedom of Lochaber to this day

Dennis Shrubshall 26th December 2023

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  1. Mac

    A great poem as always good Sir.
    I have had the pleasure of stopping off there on many an occasion to admire the view and share a few thoughts.


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