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Some days are spent right by your side

Some days there’s nothing, away to hide

Memories jump right in at any point,

With the sight of a scar, with the ache of a joint.

Called lots of things, but reluctantly so

Normally by “professionals” who simply don’t know

Expert in C&C it can show many faces

At any given time, in many different places

A headache, the anger, at a small incident

Taking offence from a comment, when you know none was meant

Some days it makes you want to be all alone

Some days all you do is moan, moan, moan.

It takes hold in a number of ways

Sometimes at night, but mostly its days

At night it’s nightmares, not merely just dreams

The need to move, just to run, the desire to scream

Form out looking in, ��he seems quite normal”

At dinner in a suit, looking smart, looking formal

You can’t see them, they are deep, but still scars you see

Never seen by most, sometimes by you, but always by me.


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