Compare thee

by | May 26, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Is my knowing thee so like a summers day
The first layers of winters white virgin snow
Either a warm pleasant evenings setting sun
Or the sight of new buds on a spring morning
Should I compare thee to Mothers apple tart?
Can I compare thee to childs joy at Christmas?
To the excitement of the decorations
And that story, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Should you be compared to a newborn child?
Perhaps compare thee to that childs first tear
Or a sweet orange just picked from its tree,
The laughter of happy children at their play
I do not compare thee to a pot of gold
For the finding at the end of a rainbow
Or the flawless diamonds in a kings crown
Nor perfect pearls laid upon a bed of silk.

I compare thee far above these other things
The soft tinkling sound of your happy laughter
And the strong saltiness of your crystal tears
Together with the sweet tender love you give.
You are my silver moon and stars in heaven
You are my earth and sun! You are everything!
Throughout the great universe that God planned
From a speck of light to Earths first creation.

You are my passion, lust, and my every breath
As well as being my angelic soul mate
You are my horizons and my adventures
To the distant lands that time has forgotten
Nothing compares to our passionate feelings
When our two bodies join together as one
As I enter the secret valley of joy
NOTHING can compare to my undying love.


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