Complicated Me

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Poetry | 0 comments

I write in blood and bleed in ink,
my thoughts I feel and my feelings I think.
I paint in tears and cry in colors,
I lock up angels and release my monsters.

I sing with silence and say nothing in screams,
yet I dream my ending and end my dreams.
I fear my smile and smile in fear,
I listen to the noises that I can’t hear.

I speak in movement and move with words,
I cry at happiness and feel numb with hurt.
Long for sleep but open my eyes, will I win the game,
but lose the prize?

I wish for death, but kill off my hope,
tie a noose but I’ll climb the rope!
Do what I shouldn’t and ignore what I should.
I crave what I don’t want,
it’s no good….

I’m too complicated and yet I’m just boring me,
always so isolated, I’m not who I’m supposed to be!


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