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Broken is the soul that
hides lies, silently
Behind a cowardly veneer…

Like an outlaw
Honesty hides in wait…
Using facades and hidden
ways to get through awkward days…

Bright and shiny ones
like sun rays.
Angry ones with screaming
eye balls that make thunderous
calls in the night declaring
I’m a mean so and so.

The scared one is the real one
that cries when no bodies there…

But a soul on the mend
Is learning to scale obstacles
ready to pounce from behind,
The guise and free
the tormented wretch…
By removing one brick at a time…
Or perhaps a more drastic approach..

One push,
one truthful gesture
And who knows, the wall may fall
Crumble behind the weight
of the minds wrecking ball…
Forcing the truth to reveal its self.


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