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Colder now the nights draw in
No more scran from your mess tin
No more worry you may have sinned
No more moving like the wind

Older now I have become
with memories of pain and fun
But brightest yet my time with you
I wish these times we could renew

Not to weep I know you’d say
Live your life to the full each day
Get a grip I hear you call
Why did God let my brother fall?

Never perfect we said we were
Our parties held so we’d deter
All forms of terror we swore to rid
“Stand by Stand by” you me and Sid

Over and over I hear your words
That laugh so wicked you’d scare the birds
But underneath your armoured vest
You were my brother, the bloody best

Rendezvous with all our mates
Grab each hand and for me shake
I leave you now to meet your keeper
I’ll catch you later when I greet the reaper


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