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Who’s knocking at the door of my conscience?
At this joyful time of the year
Who dares to question my pleasure
And my right to live without fear

Who is it that rudely reminds me?
This season is not fun for all
Who is it that spoils my enjoyment
Who is it displaying such gall

This “spirit” has travelled a long way
From places we don’t want to know
From lands where resentment and hatred
Means you and I would not go

The “spirit” is joined by his brothers
Their numbers too many to know
Whilst watching, their ranks are still swelling
How long can we let the list grow?

Oh soldiers, you all once knew Christmas
You all knew that you had to cope
With the possible loss to your loved ones
And yet you still filled them with hope

That knock on the door of my conscience
Has brought me back down to earth
Your “spirits” have made me remember
How much a good soldier is worth


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