Contemplating Rivulets

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Contemplating Rivulets

Great oceans bid welcome, to unsuspecting hulks of manmade steel
Laden with earthly essentials, floating icebergs, humankind
Journey fraught with fluid danger, of nature’s whim and time constraints
Many now becalmed in darkened depths, guests of Mr Jones

Tankers dance in line, bowing their excuse me as they hurry by
Marine sculptured bow waves, describing awesome size and shape
Seagulls escorting chosen plate, awaiting galley surplus course
Mechanical elbows punch ahead, below the water line

Container ports dangle their disdaining claw, prepared for aerial waltz
Dockside Stevedore looks on in wistful waterfront memory, of nets with ropes to guide
Approaching giants cast their shadows in cloaking palettes of fruit and spice
Aromatic delights with colours to enhance, held captive and now sealed from view

Contemplating rivulets, rushing in with stories from far off lands
Flotsam and jetsam so familiar, sinking then bobbing their hello’s
When passing by, they tell of hitching rides upon the waves of brine
Weaving their way through shipping lanes, buffeted by swell

Dry dock swallows overspill from neighbouring Goliath’s
Bottomed with driftwood and slurry pitted remnants from the sea
Remembrance once of billowing sail, rationed rum to be apportioned
Seafaring tales of sextant charts with treasure trove

“Now seven bells doth toll”


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