Continual Nightmare

by | Nov 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I feel them, they are here again
God! What do they want with me?
There’s no light, not a glimmer
Just thick blackness is all I can see

Every time, it’s always the same
Feet drag, like wading in shoes of lead
I must move, I have to beat them
Can’t hardly breathe, so filled with dread

I reach out, where is the door?
Heart thumping, it’s going to burst in two
Flailing arms, only feel emptiness
Oh God, I need you, where are you?

No air, like trying to breathe treacle
Stumbling round in nothingness and space
They come closer, I can smell them
With their blood red eyes without a face

Freezing chills pluck at my spine
Like cold, boney fingers of the undead
Paralyzing fear, I’m welded to the spot
Unuttered screams flooding inside my head

My legs give way, turned to water
Bladder emptying out on to the floor
The taste of vomit, sour in my mouth
I know my frail body can’t take anymore

Blackness choking, I’ve no fight left
Eyes that see nothing, ears that don’t hear
Why always this same nightmare?
Someone please wake me, get me out of here


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