Continued Love

by | Mar 10, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I cannot tell you now. Not me. Nor anyone.
Words cannot change past actions.
But you were loved beyond anything I can describe.

There are a whole host of people who have been deprived of meeting you.
Who will never know how unlucky they were not to have seen you or been your friend.

But I shall get the message across in the end .
Through photographs,
Through memories,
By boastful tales of your kindness and beauty.

I knew you from when you were a baby
All toothless smiles and hungry wails.

To your first day at school and through teenagehood,
When you were out trying to find who you were.

Until you learned exactly, and strode into adulthood.
A charming man full of hope and excitement for the future.

You wanted to serve your country you said.
Make us proud.
Do some good. Help others.
I always knew you would.

You were optimism and hope personified.
I could always find you out by the lake, fishing,
basking in the outdoors which you loved so much.

You enriched the lives of everyone who knew you,
Made me smile through the years.
I was so proud of you
So proud.
I really hope you knew.

But then, you left.
Taken away by war.
And the brightness of the world dimmed that day.
It is hard to imagine that you will come home no more.

Now what is there left for me to do?
I can only continue retaining memories of you.
Your smile forever etched on my mind
The jokes we shared not far from my lips.

I shall continue to talk about you as if you are there.
Because you are.
Forever in my heart.
Forever there.

Time cannot seize my memories away.
They are mine, burning bright
Until we meet on the happiest of days.

The pain and the tears shall all melt away
We shall be together.


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