Corban Jack Savage age 2 1/2 weeks

by | Mar 17, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

He sleeps, he wiggles, I smile!
He curls, he stretches, I smile!
He wakes, he yawns, I smile!
He pulls a face, he poos, I smile!
He gets his nappy changed, he pees on me
I still smile!
He screams, he howls, I smile!
He clenches his fist in my chest hair
I try to smile!
He still screams, he gets given to mum
I smile again!
He feeds, he burps, I smile!
He burps, he pukes, I smile!
He gets cleaned, he yawns, I smile!
He stretches, he curls, I smile!
He sleeps!
He’s my boy, and I love him
I’m smiling still!


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