Counting the Cost

by | Oct 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The regiments are falling boys,
they’ve fought their best but lost.
They’ve stood their ground courageously
but now must count the cost.

Through centuries of conflict
and on many battlegrounds,
for us they’ve made their sacrifice
but now their ‘Last Post’ sounds.

Pride in their long traditions
has always filled their ranks
though rows of cold white gravestones
have too often been their thanks.

Proud units who have served us well
march one last time in glory,
consigned to dusty history books
where lost, will be their story.

They did not fall in battle
for on them we could depend,
but were beaten by a bloodless coup
and politicians pens.

It’s time to count the cost they say
see what we can afford
and in the final reckoning
the pen’s mightier than the sword.

So come on boys, let’s say farewell
as they march off with pride
but when they’re needed once again
where will the bankers hide?


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