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A soldier, and I did my best
Went into battle with the rest
Prepared to fight, prepared to die
And didn’t count the cost

We trained for war; that was our task
And with the call we did not ask
Why we should have to go
We’d had our day, and earned our pay
And didn’t count the cost.

So, in the battle there I fell
(we all fought hard, we all fought well)
I surely didn’t want to die
But never thought to ask once why
I had to pay the cost.

My mother grieves, as mothers do
And there are many others who
Will shed a quiet tear, and sigh
For their own sons who had to die
They still must count the cost.

But, as my body lies at rest
Accountants now take up the list
This is when they must be active
To make the next war cost effective
Oh, they will count the cost.

And so you lads who follow me
I wish you self same victory
And hope you triumph in your war
That there will be a budget for
So you can count the cost.


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