‘Courage and Fortitude’

by | Apr 9, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

In the very deep depths of his God given soul,
He felt, as if someone vile, had dug a big hole
And into, had poured all the black problems of life
Starting with self guilt, and with never ending strife.

Onto his broad shoulders, had so many relied,
Yet each weary sad day, his own trust was yet tried,
The courage all admired, and his strong right arm,
All his men trusting, in his charisma and charm.

Leading them onwards, against enemy of strength,
Going always forward, and to any great length,
Leading by example; never showing his fear,
Never showing his face, when he shed a large tear.

Born of generations of Military fame,
It was wrong to show, that you were timid and tame,
With deep fear in his heart, and water in his blood,
He then led his brave men, through bombs bullets and mud.

He felt shivers down his back, and legs turning weak,
Feeling that his courage had reached its last peak,
Slowly walking forward, his gaunt face a white sheen,
He accepted his Medal from Country and Queen..


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