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The wind blew leaves on pavements, cold

They swirled in doorways, dim

In desolation now she walked

Her thoughts were all of him

Though cold and wet she still walked on

To where? She did not know

She fought so hard to understand

Just why he had to go

A love like theirs was meant to last

Their future looked so bright

How could it all be cast away

That crazy autumn night?

Arm in arm they’d crossed the street

He pushed her to the side

The speeding car swept him along,

She knew that he had died

The driver had been on his phone

Distracted by a text

He could not stop his speeding car

Or what had happened next

So now she walks on sleepless nights

Down streets so cold and bare

Reflecting on what might have been

Now that he wasn’t there

Oh how she longed to hear his voice

To say it was a dream

The speeding car, his searing pain,

Her devastated scream

The awful truth was hard to bear

Her anger real and stark

She raised the collar of her coat

And walked into the dark


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