Crazy computer

by | Jun 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My car’s got a computer
It tells me what to do
‘ Fasten up your seatbelt ‘
It starts its voice anew

‘ Let the clutch out now,
Press it to the floor ‘
It must be claustrophobic
So I open up the door

‘ The rear door it is open ‘
I cannot turn around
So loosen off my seatbelt
Try to make no sound

‘ Fasten up your seatbelt ‘
It shouts at me again
The stupid thing is twisted
My neck is struck with pain

Because the door is open
The lights are on inside
‘ Interior lights are still on ‘
From speakers on the side

‘ Please apply the handbrake ‘
I must have left it off
I turn back round to do it
The voice it gives a ‘ cough ‘

‘ The rear door is still open ‘
The voice it comes again
I wish that I could turn it off
It’s driving me insane

‘ Your mobile phone is ringing ,
Please pull in to the side ‘
I slide down low across the seat
Trying hard to hide

‘ Please fasten up your seatbelt ‘
It starts on me again
I lock the car and walk away
I think I’ll get the train !!!



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