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I am in the wind at your back, – pushing, pushing.
You hear me in the grass and trees, – sighing, whooshing;
And in the water you ‘re sailing on, flowing, flowing;
Driving you onward to where you are going.
Urging you to become like me;
Driving you to your destiny.

You thank me in joy as your fortunes progress.
I am the air ’neath your wings as you fly to success,
And also the light that is leading you far;
It is belief in me that ’s your bridge to the stars.
You see me in all the creatures, and flowers,
And fear me in wonder, through your waking hours.

I am the sun on your face, bringing the day;
I am the inspiration that is guiding your way;
I am flowing with the seas, my power in full view,
Swirling and whirling around all that you do.
You sense me in the sun and air,
And YOU shall be my son and heir

An Indian under a tree looks inward, seeking me;
I have to ‘talk crosses’ to a man from Gallilee;
There is a man from Medina who awaits me in a cave;
They want to be my channel, and the means how souls are saved.
From seclusion, to feeding the minds of the malleable;
The delusional leading the blind and the gullible.

You needed a reason to climb from mere subsistence,
So you had to invent me, without proof of my existence.
Then claim to be my mouthpiece, soothing others’ doubts;
I provided that urge: the surge that makes you reach out.
Without a higher reason, you wouldn’t even try;
So you brought me into being, now I push you to the sky.

In our eternal quest for some proof of something higher,
We allow deluded egotists to claim they ’re the Messiah;
Who tell you to kill, or die for me, over thousands of years,
With the threat of my judgement and in thrall to your fears.
I am this monster of imagination that you brought to be;
I did not create you, — YOU created ME !


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